Open to the Outdoors

The advent of Mid-century Modern architecture was one of the designs that heralded sharing the inside of the out with the surrounding yard. It incorporated straight lines inside, and there were plenty of windows, glass doors, and even some walls. These building features allowed the house to look as if it was incorporated with the outside greenery surrounding the house. It made rooms feel larger to occupants, and the illusion of space added light to the mixture. A house open to the outdoors today often incorporates these types of design.

While a wall of windows used to be a good mechanism to bring the outdoors inside, modern construction has another good design element to create the same effect. Glass doors can be manufactured to order. They can be a single panel, a double, or they can cover an entire wall of the house. These allow the look and feel of outdoors to be right at home inside.

One more way to create the look and feel of a continuation to the rest of the world is the use of modern flooring. Many concrete and ceramic floor options are available to designers. They can be used throughout the house and into the patio area. This creates a natural extension when viewed through glass windows or doors. It is an attractive feature for people looking for a space filled with light in a large area. Using it as part of the design features can be a good investment on any size house.

Creating the right landscape is also an important part of this type of house design. A garden setting could be perfect in an area where the temperature does not vary much during the year. Houses with a pool area in the backyard can benefit from the same design if they are built to match the decor inside. Creating an expanse of this nature can bring beauty and serenity to any modern house.