Creating a Unique Space

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Indoor Gardens

Often called atriums, indoor gardens can be an excellent way to recreate a house with a unique feature that improves them. Traditional atriums had open roofs to the sky, but modern ones maybe closed off with a roof. Some of the roofs will be solid roofing with skylights, but others may be a glass roof that lets in all the sunlight available.. These may appear to be only a decorative feature, but they can also be a way to add natural light to an older home. They can also create a charming and relaxing indoor garden for the residents.

Modern building designs, building materials, and even ideas can contribute to making an atrium a worthwhile project. Skylights today are designed to let in plenty of light while keeping out the weather. Many of them feature the ability to close off the skylight when the weather is too hot, so they tend not to overheat the garden or the house.

Plants need natural light, but they also need water and balanced soil. Plumbing can be added while building the room, or it can be incorporated during remodelling. This alone could make it easy to successfully grow an indoor garden. Add the ability to program when the plants are watered, and the dream of a gracious and restful indoor space can become a reality.

Water features are part of many outside gardens, so the addition of plumbing could make them a part of the indoor garden design. Many people have found the sound of cascaded water is restful. Sitting in a comfortable space within the garden, listening to the water after a hard day at work, and this may be a feature more people want to add to their own home.