A Custom Aquarium

Few people are able to deny the beauty of tropical fish swimming through coral, and that is one reason for the popularity of aquariums in some homes. Modern building materials have allowed designers an opportunity to use this feature to create an new type of ambiance when building or remodelling. They are able to design entire walls and even multiple walls as a vast aquarium. It can be a relaxing feature that sets a house apart for all others in the area.

Building a custom aquarium today requires knowledge of plumbing. The water must be aerated constantly to provide oxygen for the inhabitants, and pumps circulate water and air to keep stagnation at bay. Access panels are part of the maintenance requirements, but they are often hidden by clever design elements.

Creating an aquarium wall in one room may be impressive, but using that same concept to enclose several different rooms is also a possibility. Rooms where privacy is needed can have an internal divider inside the tank. Rooms where open space is a necessity could skip the divider to add more light to both rooms while stretching the space by leaving out solid walls.

Creating this type of design feature could be very expensive, yet it may be worth the cost. Relaxing to the rhythms of the tropical fish and their ecosystem could be an excellent way to end a busy and hectic day.